News Releases

Published December 2016

Letter to the Editor

The following was posted as a Letter to the Editor of The Post in Hanover: “A thank you to Gay Lea Foods and supporters. Editor, The municipality of South Bruce congratulates and supports Gay Lea Foods in their expansion plans at the Teeswater plant in the amount of $60 million. I would like to acknowledge and say thanks for all the support received, especially from Adam Ireland, Chair of South Bruce Business Association, Deputy Mayor Dan Gieruszuk, chair of Brockton’s Economic Development Committee, MPP Lisa Thompson and especially Darren Ireland, plant manager of the Teeswater plant. Because of Darren’s hard work and dedication to our community, South Bruce and surrounding municipalities benefit greatly through all the jobs that were saved and going to be created by this plant not closing. Robert Buckle, Mayor of South Bruce”


Published January 2013

News Release for SBCBA

The South Bruce Community & Business Association (SBCBA) is proud to announce that our membership is growing quickly. Here is an update on activities since our inaugural meeting in September 2012.

The Executive Council has been meeting monthly with exciting results. Watch for the official launch of the SBCBA website in January at This site is the first project of the newly formed SBCBA. It is being developed to achieve one of our main goals, which is increased communication and transparency within the SBCBA, its Council and membership. It is also a goal to use it as a marketing tool both for the SBCBA and its membership and for the municipality at large.

To achieve these objectives the site includes a brief description of the Municipality of South Bruce and where we are located, who is on the Council and how to contact them, a Contact Page that enables sending e-mails directly to the secretary of the SBCBA to be forwarded to the proper recipient, a page for our proposed future Newsletter, a downloadable membership application form, posted approved minutes of meetings, our motto and bylaws, a calendar of events, links to other relevant sites and more.

Another major project underway is a comprehensive Business Directory for the Municipality of South Bruce. Initially, the SBCBA Business Directory will include only members in good standing. The Directory will be posted online, as well as being available in print form. The deadline for inclusion in the 2013 print version of the Business Directory is January 18. All paid members will have their businesses included in the regular format. Those wishing to purchase larger advertisements or to pay a small fee to have their business listed under multiple sections to better highlight their various services, should contact Shirley Kuntz as soon as possible. This can be done directly at or through the SBCBA site. The online version will be kept current year-round. The print version will be released in time for each Annual General Meeting in February. Memberships are valid for a full calendar year.

As our membership and budget grows it is our objective to work cooperatively with the Municipality toward developing a full, comprehensive Business Directory to promote all businesses in South Bruce and those beyond who show their support through membership. Our first General Meeting that is open to the membership is scheduled for Tuesday, February 26, 2013 from 7:30-9:30 p.m. at the Teeswater Town Hall. Please mark this date on your calendar and plan to attend. A representative from the Bruce Community Futures will be a guest speaker at this meeting. All meeting dates for the year 2013 both for Council and for the membership at General Meetings are posted on the online calendar.

To contact the South Bruce Community & Business Association you can message Les Nichols, President at or the SBCBA directly at We look forward to continued growth to better serve the businesses, communities and residents of South Bruce. We wish a hearty welcome to all of our members and a Happy New Year to all.

Published October 2012

New Council Elected for SBCBA

The Organizational Meeting for the South Bruce Community & Business Association (SBCBA) was held in Formosa Community Hall on Tuesday, September 25, 2012. The purpose of this meeting was to inform prospective members of the preparations the organizational committee has done to form this new association and to formally form the SBCBA.

There was strong interest shown by those present to forge ahead with this new endeavor. The Draft Bylaws were adopted and an election was held. During the Organizational Meeting, eight people were elected to Council with the direction that they were to decide amongst themselves who would hold which office as several had been on the original organizational committee. The new Council held a short meeting following the Organizational Meeting.

The results of the election are as follows: Les Nichols – President; Nicole Wise – Vice President; Elaine Fischer – Treasurer; Valerie Gillies – Secretary; Jim Gowland, Dale Lougheed, Adam Ireland and Steve Tiffin – Members at Large. It will require a lot of work and support to get the SBCBA off the ground.

The first elected term and membership term have been extended to coincide with the end of the first complete fiscal year, which will be December 31, 2013. It is hoped that the bulk of the membership applications will be received during the remainder of this year, 2012. Eligible members are individuals, organizations, service or commercial businesses, farming operations, corporations, service groups or anyone else in the municipality interested in promoting economic and social development in the Municipality of South Bruce.

In accordance with the adopted Bylaws, there will be General Meetings throughout the year with sufficient notice given to members to plan to attend. Council will meet at least monthly. Council meetings are open for members to attend however they require previous permission to participate on the agenda. The goal is to have the workings of the Association as transparent as possible.

If you would like more information on the South Bruce Community & Business Association or would like to be sent a membership application package, please contact Les Nichols at

Valerie Gillies Secretary, South Bruce Community & Business Association