Current Minutes

Monday Feb 3rd 2020

In Attendance — Rhonda, Elaine, Jim, Jean, Pete, Kathy, Adam, Nikk

  • Motion to move the Dec 2019 minutes
    • Jim passed, Adam seconded

Treasures Report (Elaine)

  • Elaine will send out report to directors,
  • Motion to have Judy Gowland to Audit the 2019 books
    • Adam motioned and Jean 2nd

Membership (Kathy) 

  • 1st 2020 membership have come in
  • waiting on Dave to change or suggest changes on forms, Kathy and Pete will add new logo to all forms and Pete has been working on Web site changes
  • 1 free 2020 membership so far Teeswater Pharmacy
  • Pete to add link to website for Facebook

Municipality (Rhonda)

  • Switch board on social media is active community members are uploading photo’s there will be monthly updates, open to all residence, business, community members
  • March 5 & 6 mental health work shop, has 21 members registered out of 25
  • Working on 10 yr strategic plan
  • Many projects are in the works just waiting on Approval
  • 2 new business in South Bruce
  • Lenore Hinsburger and Chief Lobsinger have retired  
  • 17 summer positions looking to hire for the summer

Tourism (Rhonda) 

  • working on Spruce the Bruce Grants
  • Tractor tour being worked on with approx. 12 stops within SB

Outreach (Adam) 

  • 2017 resolution and 2020 resolution up for discussion and to assist with wording
  • Adam is drafting up some key points for directors to call members before AGM do help gather information regarding the resolution

NWMO (Jim)  

  • Announced down to 2 Municipality’s
  • SB announced success in achieving land
  • 6 sessions hosted in Formosa, Mildmay and Teeswater with approx. 92 people in attendance, with a lot of great discussion and feedback. A report will be formed.
  • A lot of discussion on the Center of Excellence, and what the community might be looking for.

AGM — Feb 27th in Formosa (if we can book it) 

  • Speaker Jim looking into someone from NWMO
  • Nikk looking at Economic development speaker from Minto or SEDC on business development and were they can help
  • Nikk will have an ad in the Crier,

Adam motioned to Adjourn