Current Minutes

Monday March 1, 2021 at 7:00AM

Virtual Zoom Meeting


Attendance: Adam Ireland, Patti Weiler, Jim Gowland, Aaron Armstrong, Les Nichols, Brad Dent, Marcie Gowland
Guest: Rita and Gerald Groen

1. Motion to approve Minutes from February meeting.

Jim Gowland Motioned – Patti Weiler second – Passed

2. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report $21904.00
Les Nichols Motioned – Jim Gowland second – Passed

3. Results of the 2 Resolutions and bylaw changes survey – all unanimously passed

a. Trucking – License (2 week 103 hour – $10000 cost)

i. Wanda Inglis – Contacted Adam, see what others are doing, Canadian Federation of independent Business, Mildmay Chamber of Commerce connections

ii. Commercial Trucking, Teeswater Concrete, awareness

iii. Press release – to local papers

iv. Patti and Todd(her boss) would like to work on this resolution that helps with the large increase. (12% avg increase) – Adam will call Todd

4. Council Elections

a. Chair

i. Jim Gowland Nominated Adam Ireland – No other nominations – Adam will Stand

● Adam Ireland is the Chair for 2021-2022 year

b. Vice Chair

i. Adam Ireland nominated Aaron Armstrong- No other nominations – Aaron will Stand

● Aaron Armstong is the Vice Chair for 2021-2022 year

c. Treasurer

i. Jim Gowland nominated Patti Weiler – No other nominations – Patti will Stand

ii. Patti Weiler is the Treasurer for 2021-2022 year

5. Plans/brainstorming session for 2021 plans – April Meeting coming up – Annual Plan

a. Covid – Biggest issue that businesses are facing

b. Zoning in the community – Industrial and residential and commercial property for development

i. Brad Dent – Nothing really has changed

ii. Have a conversation with the County and Municipality

iii. Les – would be good to have some land in reserve

iv. Social Media – Promotions – Surveys sent out

v. Update website

vi. Communication to members

6. Municipal report – Rhonda Niesen

7. Social Media Report – Nicole Wise

8. Marcie – Google Documents – Minutes and Agendas

a. Anyone who needs help contact Marcie or Adam.

9. Committee Reports

a. Agriculture – Les Nichols

i. CCA – Round table on crop production – standardization of procedures – early in process

ii. Rural internet is a big problem – Formosa maybe upgraded in summer?

● Letter to wightman – upgrading rural internet – Makes such a difference having reliable – Adam will delegate this to Les

● Adam – Doug Ireland and Ehtel tower south of Teeswater

b. Industry – Mike Steffan

c. Main Street – Nicole Wise & Jean Culliton

d. Tourism – Rhonda Niesen – Gave by Marcie and Les

i. Tractor tour – early planning stages -drive by?

ii. Snow Sculpture competition – 330 votes – 8 entries

● another planned event in spring (Easter Time)

e. Outreach – Adam Ireland

i. Nothing to note

f. Membership – Kathy Evans sent in Report

i. Sitting at 17 members signed up now – good start to the year

ii. Etransfer is popular with more than 50% using the option.

10. New Business – None at this time

11. Next meeting – Monday April 5, 2021 – 7:00AM

12. Brad Dent motioned to Adjourn @ 7:50am