Bylaws of the

South Bruce Community & Business Association
Revision II – 2021

Article I-Name and Objectives

Section 01
The name of this organization shall be the South Bruce Community & Business Association (SBCBA).

Section 02
The objectives of the South Bruce Community & Business Association shall be to promote and improve trade and commerce and the economic, civic and social welfare of the district. Specifically, SBCBA has adopted the following objectives:

To strive for an environment where various sectors can meet in a respectful and supportive atmosphere to promote a cooperative and holistic approach to planning, organizing, delivering and reviewing of services and resources throughout the municipality.

  • To be inclusive of all sectors within the municipality whether public, private, commercial, industrial, agriculture, service or not-for-profit.
  • To strive for fairness and effective management of resources within the municipality to encourage and facilitate harmony, growth and quality of life for its constituents and economic base.

Section 03
The usual place of meeting shall be within the boundaries of the Municipality of South Bruce.

Section 04
The South Bruce Community & Business Association shall be non-sectional and non-sectarian and shall not lend its support to any candidate for public office.

Article II-Interpretation

Section 05
Wherever the words “the association” occur in these bylaws, they shall be understood to mean the South Bruce Community & Business Association as a body.

Section 06
Wherever the words “the council” occur in these bylaws, they shall be understood to mean the council of the South Bruce Community & Business Association.

Section 07
Wherever the word “district” occurs in these bylaws, it shall mean that area, within and for which this association was established, as defined in the Certificate of Registrationunder the Boards of Trade Act (R.S., c. B-8, s.1.) or, if not so registered, as the geographical area of the Municipality of South Bruce.

Article III-Membership

Section 08
Any reputable business directly or indirectly engaged or interested in trade, commerce or the economic and social welfare of the district shall be eligible for membership in the association.

Section 09
Associations, corporations, societies, partnerships or estates, directly or indirectly engaged or interested in trade, commerce or the economic and social welfare of the district may become members of the association.

Section 10
At any general meeting of the association, any member in good standing may propose any eligible business or community organization as a candidate for becoming a member of the association, providing such candidate shall undertake, if admitted, to be governed by the bylaws of the association.

Section 11
If such proposal is carried by a majority of two-thirds of the members of the association then present, such person or organization shall thenceforth be a member of the association and shall have all the rights and be subject to all the obligations of the other members.

Section 12
Membership shall continue from the time of admittance until a member has resigned in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws or has been removed from the roll of members by action of the council.

Section 13
Any member of the association, who intends to retire therefrom or to resign their membership may do so, at any time, upon giving the secretary ten days’ notice in writing of such intention, and upon discharging any lawful liability which is standing upon the books of the association against them at the time of such notice.

Section 14
The council may remove from the roll of members the names of any newly enrolled member failing to pay their annual dues within thirty days of their admission, or of any other member who fails to pay such dues within three months of the date of which they fall due. Upon such action by the council, all privileges of membership shall be forfeited.

Section 15
Persons who have distinguished themselves by some meritorious or public service may be elected Honourary Members by a majority vote of the association. Such recognition shall be for a term of one year and may be repeated. Honourary membership shall include all the privileges of active membership except that of holding office, with the exemption from payment of annual dues.

Section 16
Any member of the association may be expelled by a two-thirds vote of the council.

Section 17
In the interest of promoting SBCBA to new members, as well as giving start up businesses a hand up, any new business that is opening its doors in South Bruce will be offered a free membership in SBCBA including all advantages of membership but excluding voting privileges.  This offer may also be extended to businesses that move to South Bruce at the discretion of the Council.

Article IV-Dues and Assessments

Section 18
The annual dues payable by members of the association shall be determined annually by the council, subject to the approval of the general meetings whenever a change in the original amount is involved, including discounted or free membership

Section 19
Other assessments may be levied against all members provided they are recommended by the council and approved by a majority of the members present at a general meeting of the association. The notice calling such a general meeting shall state the nature of the proposed assessment.

Article V-Officers and Council

Section 20
The officers shall be: Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer who together with a minimum of 7 council members to a maximum of 11 members be chosen by the general membership each year to direct the business of the association. The council will then choose the officers of association at the first meeting following the AGM.  The officers shall be elected from among the members each year at the annual general meeting by ballot or vote and shall form the council. Members elected must be a member in good standing to be an elected officer. They shall remain in office for one year or until their successors shall be appointed but no such officer or member of council, with the exception of the treasurer, shall hold the same office for more than two years in succession. The retiring chair shall be, ex officio, a member of the council. The listed members of council should represent as much as possible each sector that is being served by the association: public, private, commercial, industrial, agricultural, service groups or not-for-profit, as set out in our goals and objectives in Section 2.

Section 21
In the event that an AGM cannot be held due to extenuating circumstances, the association must report to the membership in some other digital format, as well as seek to fill council positions to carry on the business of the association.

Section 22
Where a member of the council dies or resigns their office or is absent from three consecutive meetings of the council, the council may, at any meeting thereof, elect a member of the council, in the place of the member who had died or resigned, or is absent.

Section 23
Any officer or council member may be suspended from their office or have their tenure of office terminated if, in the opinion of the council, they are grossly negligent in the performance of their duties, providing however, that any officer or council member so suspended or whose tenure of office has been terminated, shall be at liberty to appeal the decision of the council directly to the membership at the next general meeting.

Section 24
The council shall have the general power of administration. It may make or authorize petitions or representations to the government or parliament of Canada, the government or legislature of the province or territory, or others, as it may determine or as may be required by vote of a majority of members present at any general meeting.

Section 25
The council shall, in addition to the powers hereby expressly conferred on it, have such powers as are assigned to it by any bylaw of the association provided, however, that such powers are not inconsistent with the provisions of the Boards of Trade Act.

Section 26
Any five (5) or more members of the council, lawfully met, shall be a quorum and a majority of such may do all things within the powers of the council.

Section 27
The council shall frame such bylaws, rules and regulations as appear to it, and best adapted to promote the welfare of the association, and shall submit them for adoption at a general meeting of the association called for that purpose.

Section 28
The council, or at his/her request, the chair, may appoint committees or designate members of the council, the association or others, to examine, consider and report upon any matter or take such action as the council may request.

Section 29
The council may suspend any chairman from office or have his/her office terminated for just cause. Any committee may be terminated by the council.

Section 30
No paid employee of the association shall be a member of the council or executive committee. Officers of the association shall receive no remuneration for services rendered, but the council may grant any of these said officers reasonable expense monies.

Section 31
The meetings of the council shall be open to all members of the association, who may attend, but may not take part in any of the proceedings. Council may request “in camera” meeting to deal with specific issue including all of Council.

Section 32
No public announcement in the name of the association may be made unless authorized by the council or by some person to whom the council has delegated this responsibility.

Section 33
a) The chair shall preside at all meetings of the association and council. He/she shall regulate the order of business at such meetings, receive and put lawful motions, and communicate to the meeting what he/she may think concerns the association. The chair shall, with the vice chair, sign all papers and documents requiring signature on behalf of the association, unless someone else is designated by the council. It shall be the duty of the chair to present a general report of the activities of the year at the annual meeting.

b) The vice-chair shall act in the absence of the chair and, in the absence of both of these officers the meeting shall appoint a chair to act temporarily. He/she shall, with the chair, sign and when necessary, seal with the seal of the association, of which he/she shall have custody, all papers and documents requiring signature or execution on its behalf.

c) The treasurer, shall have charge of all funds of the association and shall deposit, or cause to be deposited, the same in a chartered bank selected by the council. Out of such funds the treasurer shall pay amounts approved by the council and shall keep a regular account of the income and expenditures of the chamber and shall submit an audited statement thereof for presentation at the annual general meeting and at any other time required by the council. He/she shall make such investment of the funds of the association as the council may direct. He/she shall, with a member of council sign all notes, drafts and cheques.

d) The secretary shall be a paid individual. He/she shall be responsible to the council for the general control and management of the association’s business affairs. He/she shall be responsible for keeping the books of the association, conducting its correspondence, retaining copies of all official documents and shall perform all such other duties as properly pertain to his/her office. He / she shall maintain an accurate record of the proceedings of the association and of the council. At the expiration of his/her term, the secretary shall deliver to the association, all books, papers and other property of the association.

Article VI-Meetings

Section 34
The annual meeting of the association shall be held in the month of February in each year at the time and place determined by the council. At least two (2) weeks’ notice of the annual meeting shall be given.

Section 35
Regular general meetings of the association shall be held at the call of the council. At least one (1) week’s notice of such meetings shall be given.

Section 36
Special general meetings of the association may be held at any time when summoned by the chair, or requested in writing by any three (3) members of the council, or any eleven (11) members of the association. At least one (1) day’s notice of such meetings shall be given.

Section 37
The council shall meet as necessary or more often, when necessary, to carry on the business of the association, by way of virtual or in person meeting.

Section 38
Notice of all meetings, naming the time and place of assembly, shall be given by the secretary. This information will be e-mailed to the last known address of each member and shall constitute sufficient notice.

Section 39
At any annual or general meeting five (5) members shall be a quorum and, unless otherwise specifically provided, a majority of members present shall be competent to do and perform all acts which are, or shall be, directed to be done at any such meeting. There must be at least fifteen (15) members present at an annual meeting to vote on decisions.

Section 40
Minutes of the proceedings of all general and council meetings shall be entered in books to be kept for that purpose, by the secretary.

Section 41
All books of the association shall be opened at all reasonable hours to any member of the association, free of charge.

Article VII-Voting Rights

Section 42
Every member in good standing represented at any general meeting shall be entitled to one vote provided that the vote of an association, corporation, society, partnership, or an estate member shall in each case be assigned to individuals.

Section 43
Voting at council or general meetings shall normally be by a show of hands or, if requested by the chairman or majority of council vote by ballet. A roll call vote shall be taken, if requested by five (5) members provided such request received approval of two-thirds (2/3) of the members assembled.

Section 44
The presiding officer shall vote only in case of a tie. Upon an appeal being made from a decision of the presiding officer, the vote of the majority shall decide.

Section 45
Motions or amendments shall be carried at any council or general meeting by a majority vote unless otherwise provided in these bylaws.

Article VIII-Bylaws

Section 46
Bylaws may be made, replaced or amended by a majority of the members of the association present at any general meeting, notice of such proposal having been given in writing by one (1) member and seconded by another at a previous general meeting and duly entered as a minute of the association.

Section 47
Such bylaws shall be binding on all members of the association, its officers and all other persons lawfully under its control. They shall come into force and be acted upon only when they have been approved by Industry Canada in the case of incorporation of the association.

Article IX-Affiliation

Section 48
The association, at the discretion of the council, shall have power to affiliate with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce or regional chambers, or any other organizations in which membership may be in the interests of the association.

Article X-Fiscal Year

Section 49
The fiscal year of the association shall commence on the first (1st) day of January in each year.

Article XI-Auditors

Section 50
Auditors shall be appointed by the members present at the annual meeting and they shall audit the books and the accounts of the association at least once in each year. An audited financial statement shall be presented by the treasurer at each annual meeting and at any other time required by the council.

Article XII-Procedure

Section 51
Parliamentary procedure shall be followed at all general and council meetings in accordance with “Rules of Order” by Bourinot.