Current Minutes

Monday Oct 7th  7am  @Harleys Pub & Perk

Jim, Les, Dale, Dave, Cathy ,Pete, Laura, Rhonda, Nikk

Sept. Min. not received ,Nikk will look in to

Elaine Sent financial report  starting balance of     

                                              Closing balance 

Rhonda Municipal report:   Laura has just finished up the Main street Digital grant  were for 13 works she worked one on one with south Bruce business helping and teaching regarding social media

Oct 23d(Wed) in Formosa Paula Morand is speaking on Leadership& growth  $15  meal included

Oct 29th Volunteer BBq  in Formosa 6-7:30  all service group are invited in South Bruce

Small business work shops are coming  OBIAA working on a joint effort with other Municipality’s

 On Nov 5th website workshop  Nov 6th Social Media workshop both in Neustadt hall

Working on “Bang the Table” online platform  with surveys FAQ links to the municipal website a website with in a website, keeping  updated infor  and answering questions

Business to Bruce is gearing back up

Les: All Candidate meeting for Bruce County Federation of Agriculture Tues Oct 8th @7:30

Dave:  still working on a Dinner and Learn with NWMO  Nov. 13th

Wondering about a contact with Flow water and the possibility of them having a packaging manufacturing plant up here.

Jean/Nikk  Jean working on assisting other community’s getting there barn quilt tours going, also working on having our 8×8 quilts on the Ontario quilt site

Rhonda Tourism  is working on 2020 Event calendar ,  going to the Broche swap,  assisting with some ice time with Minor hockey and they will hand out event calendars

Tourism has hired Laura to work on there social media and website over hall

 Kathy –Directory, wanting everyone to have discussion on any changed or new ideas to the directories

    Jim commented on liking the directory idea maybe changing it up abit   also brought to our attention that Huron Kinlos produces a great book like directory that is a great product,  Rhonda was looking into the format they may have used and if there is a digital copy.  Maybe a profiling style booklet

Jim~NWMO he was in Ottawa with other municipal members from south bruce  learning about levels of Nucular waste   there was about 400 people in attendance with aprox 70 of those people being from the 5 remaining sites    South Bruce need to be proud of the positioning we are well received at these events  and have defenitly making our mark.