Current Minutes

South Bruce Community & Business Association Meeting Minutes 

June 3rd 2019 @ Harley’s Pub & Perk

Present: Cathy, Rhonda, Les, Pete, Nikk (Guests: Cherie, Paul, Andy, Becky)

Minutes from the April 27th AGM to be approved – Moved by Les, all in favour.

Kathy motioned for $500 be used for promotional materials – all in favour.

Municipal Report (Rhonda) ->

  • Mildmay in Motion -> 10:00-3:00, 16 Businesses in the shopping card ($500 grand prize)
  • Mildmay Water Tower -> getting a new look using $5000 Spruce the Bruce grant
  • Bang the Table -> website to help with questions, rumors, tax payer opinions, etc.
  • Networking Meeting -> last year we had Roger Brooks speak
  • Need to work on ideas for this year
  • Digital Squad -> having a hard time finding staff
    • (13 weeks, 35 hours a week, contracted to help businesses)

Agriculture Report (Les) ->

  • Weather is a huge problem this year, Bruce County lear of Agriculture land
  • Rural/Agriculture – updating the designation to what can be on the land
    • Mapping changes with tiling (prime agriculture and, potential prime agriculture land)
    • Update the bi-law that have been made approx. 75 years ago, goes through County Counsel
    • Some farms are deemed rural and should actually be deemed agriculture

Industry (Dave) -> No report

Main Street (Jean/Nikk) ->

  • Barn Quilts are well on their way (Mapping, brochure, bus tour, hanging the quilts)

Tourism (Rhonda) ->

  • Tractor Tour -> 20th Anniversary, held on Father’s Day weekend, 12 locations
  • Breakfast in Formosa + brewery pamphlets
  • Geocache with the Quilt Tour

Outreach (Adam) -> No report

Membership (Kathy) ->

  • 68 members for directory
    • 6 new members
    • Library is paying $25.00
  • Feature Member of the Month -> Kathy will send out & feature business each month on website
  • Print directories
    • 1 business card ad space left

Meeting Adjourned

Next Meeting: Monday July 8th, 7:00am @ Harley’s Pub & Perk