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SBCBA Meeting Minutes — February 4th 2019

In Attendance: Nikk, Jean, Dale, Dave, Cory, Rhonda, Kathy, Pete, Joe

  • Treasurer’s Report…. Elaine emailed Nikk


  • Kathy sends out emails in February; this years date is March 1st is the beginning of Membership year

Feature a Business…

    • How do we get a write up? Possibly a summer student
    • Have a form of questions → (Nikk to work on; summer student with writing skills)
    • Do a draw incentive? (deadline?) for members to summit there write up
    • Hopefully we can get 12 people to rotate until next year for website
    • Dave — who are are members & new members we can chat with
    • Rhonda → find something that no one offers & is of value
      • Discounting training; sponsoring training
      • Get a copy of what Rhonda sends to new businesses
    • Peter → asked the student if it can be entered into database the info they gather
    • October Meeting Decision on the Advertising card for 2020 as it is too late to change this year

Motion to sponsor $2,500 to joint training with NWMO

  • Dale motioned, & Dave 2nd
  • Rhonda will send us the form

Municipal Report (Rhonda)

  • Spruce the Bruce application is open
  • Welcome package to “new businesses” from Municipality
    • Businesses can put something into the package for 2019 (events from tourism)
  • New Business in Mildmay selling sheets — (12 new stores in 2018 in South Bruce!!)
  • There are digital grants to have a student help businesses be up to date on digital workings (social media, etc) → Rhonda is applying
  • Grant they received on municipality from 2018 — wayfarer signs (split 40/40/20)

Industry Report (Dave)

  • Dave is out having a lot of conversations

Tourism Report (Rhonda)

  • Committee Council — Rhonda talk to about help with tourism
  • Tourism Post-Card printed
    • Seniors Games August 14th?
    • Support Quilt tours
    • Spruce the Bruce (tractor town, tables) → Rhonda applying for grant

    • Dave Motioned to Close the Meeting; Kathy 2nd