Current Minutes

South Bruce Community & Business Association February 16, 2017

Annual General Meeting  at Formosa Hall at 7:00 pm

Nicole Wise welcomed everyone in the absence of Adam (had to run home)

Financial report:  Elaine gave a full report for the year. In 2015   – 60 members, 5 club members, and 8 directory advertisers.  For 2017 have collected from 14 members and 1 service club. Motion by Les to accept the Treasurers report as read, seconded by Peter.

Membership report:  Kathy  –She explained she has just done this for 2016,  last year had 5 new members, 62 paid , 3 free members and 5 service clubs.  Altogether there were 70 members.  This year so far have 3 business ads for the directory, 7 yet available, 1 new member (Walter/Batte Construction) and 25renewed to date.

Adam than took over and welcomed everyone to the meeting. Read the Mission statement.  He than went over the objectives of SBCBA.  We are 4 years old going into 5 years for 2017.

2016 in Review—successes- played role in working with Council and SVCH to help Gay Lea approved the expansion

Borth  Development rezone for commercial . Helped AcesT owing to find land in South Bruce.

Strengthened connections with Tourism and Mildmay Chamber.  Did promotional signs for the snowmobile trails.

Strengthened are ties with Council and Municipal staff.

Ag focused,  reached out to all the Corporate Entities, Business of the Month, Website services-Peter Evans Computers to give a basic website page , have to advertise this more,  Rural high speed internet.

Teeswater being upgraded with fiber optic .  Wightman report to council in Jan.

Direction – SBCBA is 4 years old now and volunteers in all sectors in South Bruce are subject to burn out., SBCBA need to evolve to better serve all sectors and to tighten the focus on achieving goals.

Background section 19 of our constitution reads-the officers shall be : president, vice president, and secretary-treasurer, who together with (list at least 8 ) other members, shall be elected from among the members each year at the annual general meeting by ballot and shall form the council.  They shall remain in office for one year or until their successors shall be appointed but no such officer or member of council, with the exception of the secretary treasurer, shall hold the same office for more than two years in succession.  The retiring president shall be, ex officio, a member of the council.(Note: It has been agreed that the listed members of council should represent each sector that is being served by the association:  public, agriculture, commercial, not for profit, service groups as set out in our goals and objectives.

PROPOSAL:  SBCBA moves towards becoming a committee driven organization, committees populated by members serving their respective sector.  Committee reports to executive, committees maintain there own budget Proposed committees—main street commence, Agriculture, Light and heavy industrial, Tourism, and Advance and Outreach. Adam than asked  the committee for their  comments-

Resolution # 1

.Where as the South Bruce Community and Business Association has served the community for 4 years.

*and where as the business climate in South Bruce is diverse yet rich with opportunity,

*and where as a small number of volunteers are limited in their effectiveness of addressing the needs of all sectors,

*Be it resolved that the SBCBA develop a committee structure to better serve the major business sectors in South Bruce.

Jim Gowland made a motion to accept the resolution and seconded by Les Nichols.

Resolution # 2

Where as the South Bruce Community and Business Association has is working to change its structure a committee driven structure,

*And where as the current by-laws of SBCBA require a monthly executive meetings, and quarterly general meetings,

*And where as time will be required to develop a meeting schedule conductive to a new committee meeting structure,

*Be it resolved that the SBCBA executive be permitted to operate outside  of the prescribed meeting schedule as outlined in the SBCBA By_laws until a new meeting structure can de developed and voted on by the membership.

Les Nichols made a motion to get the right structure in place. Seconded by Elaine Fischer.

Elections for 2017  :  Adam asked for Les to do the elections , he explained the procedure of the election

President —  Jim nominated Nicole Wise—declined

Nic nominated Adam Ireland – accepted

Vice president— Jim nominated Nicole Wise—accepted

Secretary—Adam nominated Shirley Kuntz – declined

Jim nominated Kathy Evans—accepted

Adam nominated Sherri Leslie- declined

Treasurer –  Adam nominated Elaine Fischer – accepted

Directories- Adam nominated Jim Gowland accepted

Jim nominated Joe Hoffarth—accepted

Adam nominated Dave Ireland—accepted

Elaine nominated Jean Culliton—accepted

Jim nominated Shirley Kuntz- declined

Nic  nominated Dale Lougheed absent  have to ask yet.

Past President  Les Nichols

Motion by Jim Gowland  to allow 5 committee members for restructuring .  Seconded by Kathy

Les thanked Adam for all the work he did in restricting the SBCBA.

Message from Bob Buckle was heard and Adam thanked all present for coming. We than heard a very interesting presentation from Jim Gowland about his trip to France from Dec. 3 to 9, 2017 about ICGR- International Conference on Geological Repsitories. 

The next meeting ?????

The next meeting for CLC is on March 9, this is the replacement  for Feb. 9 cancelled meeting