Current Minutes

South Bruce Community & Business


Serving the Municipality of South Bruce

SBCBA Regular meeting, Nov 19, 2018 held at South Bruce Municipal office

In attendance:  Leanne, Rhonda, Jim, Les, Cory, Adam, Dale, Nicole, Joe

  1. 1. Approval of minutes from last meeting – Moved by Adam, second by Jim, passed.
  2. 2. Municipal Report – Leanne and Rhonda –
  • Mental Health education event planned for Dec 13 and 14. With NWMO funding, cost is $25.
  • Council has nominated Dr Gear for an Outstanding Physician award. This will be presented in the near future.
  • Aptim has leased Ken Scott’s building at the North of Teeswater. Rhonda has met with them.
  1. 3. The Nuclear Innovation Institute was discussed. Saugeen Shores is having trouble with a location to host. Leanne is going to discuss with Mayor Bob and see what South Bruce might be able to offer for this opportunity.
  3. Jim made the following Motion:

“The South Bruce Community and Business Association supports South Bruce Council in opening discussion with Bruce Power and Bruce County administration about the possibility of hosting the Nuclear Innovation Institute with in the community of South Bruce.”

Seconded by Dale, passed.

4. NWMO CLC has been re-appointed by council, which means the process moves on.

5. There is an SBCBA Christmas social on December 17th, to be held at Nicole’s Pub. This will be promoted to all members.

Adam moves to adjourn meeting.