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Adam welcomed everyone to the meeting on Monday, Oct 2, 7am @ Jim Gowland

Those present were Jim Gowland, Dale Lougheed, Les Nichols, Leanne Martin, Rhonda Niesen, Adam Ireland, Elaine Fischer, Shirley Kuntz Absent Dave Ireland, Kathy Evans, Mark Goetz, Joe Hoffarth

Shirley took the minutes

Treasurer’s report Elaine: Gave a cheque for $250.00 towards the Kraut and Stout event in Mildmay.

Membership report- None

Municipal report- Leanne and Rhonda- Mayor Bob and Leanne met with the new owners of the Brewery in Formosa. Want to go with 4 brands, need licence , want to open quickly. They want to be a part of SBCBA, help the community, bottle water and rehire 18 employees. Want to start retail again, learn the heritage of the community. They presented them with a History Book—accepted surcharge for sewage.

Working with GayLea also—expansion is good news.

Business to Bruce update—review package (Tool Kit) Leanne to email to everyone—needs to be approved yet.

Region Working Group—work force and resident attraction. Leanne and Rhonda attended this meeting.

NWMO to participate in working session in communitys’. This is the next step. Come and support. How to position ourselves. No borehole done yet. Waiting for First Nations approval yet.

Oct. 10- Bruce County Annual update at Council

Through NWMO have funding, they funded “ Working at Heights” and First Aide Course. Not much feedback. Looking at other opportunities for different trainings. Let Rhonda or Jannell know . First Aide to the Hockey Coaches, let the committee know about it, also need more youth involved in this also.

Main Street report-Vacant fronts—lease or rent Rhonda did Teeswater in June/July. All of South Bruce is done now. Just waiting for some yet. Needs permission to release anything. Trying to hear back from some yet, even taking night calls. Residential in store fronts and mostly locally owned. Need to maintain some sort of standards for residents to live. With Bruce taking off people need a place to stay 4 nights a week. There is no way of going back- should be business but with rent money coming in. Maybe a reduction on taxes (most say taxes to high to maintain and keep up). There is no business opportunity in Mildmay- people living in them now. – 2 for sure now being lived in. There are 20 vacant so far in all of South Bruce. Home businesses do not pay taxes.

Spruce the Bruce—grants with in mapping plan (Main Street) need a group to work with from the community. Teeswater has no group. Mildmay has the Banners. No money left for this year, getting ready for next time submission. Businesses can apply for new signs, awnings and other upgrades if there is money there.

Stout & Kraut—Rhonda reported going well. Starting early Saturday morning to set up . First 100 people there will receive a free mug. Starts at 4:00 games etc., family event. Music plays 7 to 12 . There will be food and music . Biggest challenge will be the weather. Advertising in Crier, float at Freshmart, Municipal website, Tourism website, posters, CKNX and Explore the Bruce website. Elaine will be making a sign to thank the sponsorship to put on the fence.

Nic report that her and Jean have met and have some suggestions—Quilts in South Bruce. Have finished by Teeswater Homecoming need a deadline. All of South Bruce to be involved.

How to bring Things together—advertise in the monthly Teeswater news and Crier, Maybe Tourism, SBCBA and Chamber put up some funds for a job opportunity , all 3 groups ( a lot of cross over) need more togetherness. $2500.00 each group, contract type job. Will need a lot of management and time, Next step sit down and tweak it a bit, Need a person with interest in this, Need to set goals and guidelines. No funding from Tourism, (part of Council) . This is where some partnership building could come in with the well being of the community. NWMO (match funding maybe) Need and outline of what is needed. How much time is involved, day a week, minutes and coordinating projects etc. Do not table the topic for next month need to get going on this NOW. Next step engaging in the partners with Chamber.

Agriculture-Adam- certainly major concern within the ag community and in the business community in general is the potential effects of the purposed tax changes especially as related to incorporated farms or businesses. The BCFA (Bruce Federation of Ag) certainly very concerned with the issue and is looking at hosting a public meeting with a some tax professionals presenting the actual effects, etc of the proposed legislation changes. I for one certainly do not understand this purposed changes and all the effects on small businesses/agriculture and we felt it important to get our members informed. I may be in conflict of interest but would suggest that a possibility of SBCBA & BCFA co-hosting such a meeting?? If any interest from the SBCBA board in pursing that I can take it to BCFA for input. Sending a letter of thoughts to Right Honorable Justin Trudeau and Honorable Bill Moneau. Adam to send off shortly. A motion by Jim Gowland to send letter on and Seconded by Les Nichols all in favour. The long and short of it all is to sell to outsider rather than hand down to a family member.

Industry report Dave—list of capacity concerns, than take to industry group.

Concerns – building that could house temp offices Opportunities- is there a list of building that could be converted. If not build one?

Concerns – apartments for company management Opportunities- Do we know what is available? Do we have a list of land that or is zoned to build on?

Concerns—is there short term housing available -Opportunities—If we presented the idea to home owners would they count their home to short term housing?

Concerns- Local business as a supplier- Opportunities—We need to discuss with Stallina how South Bruce complies obtain a list of bit opportunities

Concerns—local companies supplying project bidders- Opportunities –Present South Bruce manufacturing and company capability bidders

Concerns- land for office building or conversion -Opportunities—do we have a list of buildings that could be converted. How many, where and when

Concerns—Community buildings as training centers – Opportunities—can we supply community building for training etc.

Contact Dave or Adam if you have anything to add.

Tourism report—meeting on Tuesday night Have a new member attending.

Outreach no report

Elaine asked if the minutes could be sent out to membership unapproved, decided no. Maybe do a quick summary of the meeting and post that instead. Approved go out than the following month.

Next meeting Nov 13 @ 7am Leanne looking for a meeting place. Everyone will get notice of the meeting before the next meeting.

Adjourn by Les